Collaborating H2020 Projects


Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL Exploratories The project proposes visionary research to develop modelling, computational, and ICT tools needed to
predict and influence disease spread and other contagion phenomena in complex social systems. To achieve nonincremental advances, CIMPLEX will combine large scale, realistic, data-driven models with participatory datacollection and advanced methods for Big Data analysis. CIMPLEX will interconnect contagion progression (e.g. epidemics) with social adaptation, the economic impact and other systemic aspects that will finally allow a complete analysis of the inherent systemic risk.


Center of Excellence for Global Systems Science Developing evidence and understanding concerning Global Systems and related policies is rapidly becoming a vital challenge for modern societies. It is being tackled by the newly-emerged scientific domain of Global Systems Science (GSS). High Performance Computing is reaching the level of an ultimate tool empowering GSS to address extremely complex societal and scientific problems. By the nature of the problems addressed in typical GSS applications, the relevant datasets are mostly very big, and are expected to grow up tremendously as well as to include highly heterogeneous data sources.


Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society The project’s long-term vision about ICT’s within Global System Science (GSS) is that they are fundamental to the policy process in at least three ways. First, they will provide big-data technologies needed by new policy evaluation methods that are more adequate to today’s economic data deluge. Second, ICT’s will provide tools and methods to illustrate narratives in a way that is sound and yet easier to grasp. Third, because stimulating engagement shares similarities with the problem of sustaining cooperation in groups, we will build on seminal previous work of the consortium on large group experiments in games.


Creating effects through communication and engagement in Future and Emerging Technologies The EFFECT project, funded by the HORIZON 2020 FET-Open Programme, will try to answer the question of FET projects’ impact on the society by developing easy-to-understand contents for the broad public accessible on the web, social and TV media and by fostering direct engagement and debate among different societal players. EFFECT aims at combining FET research with society by developing stories on research outcomes and their expected impacts on society to enhance public understanding on one side and catch investors’ interest on the other. The EFFECT public communication approach supports an open ecosystem to transform FET research public funding into real benefits and impacts for society.


Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces Social media and the digitization of news and discussion fora are having far-reaching effects on the way individuals and communities communicate, organize, and express themselves. Can the information circulating on these platforms be tapped to better understand and analyze the enormous problems facing our contemporary society? Could this help us to better monitor the growing number of social crises due to cultural differences and diverging world-views? The ODYCCEUS project answers all these questions affirmatively. It will develop the conceptual foundations, methodologies, and tools to translate this bold vision into reality and demonstrate its power in a large number of cases.