DAY 1, DEC 11th
Welcoming addresses
  • EU FET Scientific Expectations
    by Mr. Viorel Peca, Head of the “Future and Emerging Technologies”
  • Overview of day one
    by Tom Creemers (PM GRACeFUL)
Keynote GSS focus on real-life applications – the role of CoeGSS and its impact on stakeholders
presented by Patrik Jansson (Chalmers University Gothenburg, Sweden)
Scientific presentations session A
Scientific presentations session B
Scientific presentations session C
Scientific presentations session D
Closing remarks Scientific expectations and achievements of day one
by Ivica Cubic (PO) and Tom Creemers (PM GRACeFUL)
DAY 2, DEC 12th
Welcoming addresses Practical/application expectations and overview of day two
by Ivica Cubic (PO)
Keynote GSS and HPC – An Important Synergy for the Future
presented by Bastian Koller (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, Germany)
Prototypes and demonstrations introduction
Prototypes and demonstrations hands-on session
    “Explore the financial network of the Euro Area”
    “How shocks on the real economy impact the European banking sector?”
    “Similarities in stakeholder responses to EC consultations on Banking and Finance”
    “Visual Editor Supporting the Rapid Assessment in GSS”
    “CIMPLEX Exploration and Visualisation Framework”
Panel Discussions GSS in H2020 and beyond
PO and all PM, additional participants
Achievements of day two Practical/application expectations and achievements of day two
by Ivica Cubic (PO)