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Workshop ACCFun: Algorithmic Calculi for Constraint Functional Programming


The GRACeFUL project develops connections between functional and constraint programming, requiring a unified expression of programs, constraints, traditional numerical mathematical models and qualitative models. The members of the IFIP Working Group 2.1 on Algorithmic Languages and Calculi have developed a large body of expertise in the design of notations for calculating programs from specifications, covering all programming paradigms. Such a notation could provide the glue between functional and constraint programming, required in GRACeFUL. On the other hand, the various programs developed in GRACeFUL can provide a test-bed for the notation and suggest extensions or improvements to it. The aim of this workshop is to create a close connection between GRACeFUL and IFIP2.1. The workshop is co-located with the 73rd IFIP WG 2.1 meeting organised in Göteborg.




GRACeFUL will be present at RRI-ICT 2015, co-organised by European Commission’s DG Connect and the RRI-ICT Forum project, which will kick-start the implementation of the Responsible Research and Innovation approach, and the contribution of Social Sciences and Humanities to ICT research and innovation under H2020. It will gather the RRI-ICT community to jointly identify challenges, share knowledge and experiences, network, and build synergies around the RRI/SSH domain.

MSc Student workshop in Climate-Resilient Urban Design

A student workshop Climate Resilient Urban Design on May 7th was used to test the applicability of group model building in CRUD, to identify causal loop diagrams and concept maps. The workshop addressed climate resilience of the Stadspolders area in Dordrecht. Over 50 MSc students in Urban Water Management from the faculties of Civil Engineering, Architecture/ Urbanism and Policy & Management at TU Delft worked in groups that each used a slightly different approach to the assignment.


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