Delft Software Days 2017

GRACeFUL is present these days at the Delft Software Days on the premises of Deltares in Delft. The event brings all the latest insights in open software developments, best modelling practices and the most powerful pre- and post-processing tools in the field of geohydrology, surface-water hydrology, hydrodynamics, morphology, water quality & ecology, and data sciences, for rivers, lakes, and ocean, coastal, estuarine, urban and industrial environments.


3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA2017)

GRACeFUL is currently represented at ECCA 2017 in Glasgow.

Deltares’ Sadie McEvoy talking about Group Model Building

The theme of ECCA 2017 is ‘Our Climate Ready Future’. This conference inspires and enables people to work together to discover and deliver positive climate adaptation solutions that can strengthen society, revitalise local economies and enhance the environment. It brings together the people who will deliver action on the ground – from business, industry, NGOs, local government and communities – to share knowledge, ideas and experience with leading researchers and policymakers. ECCA 2017 is held in Europe but the focus is global, with presenters from 48 countries on five continents.


System Dynamics Summer School and International Conference

logo-rgb_dark-redA 3-day System Dynamics Summer School will be hosted (July 13-15 2016, Delft) at the venue of the International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) right before the start of the conference (July 17-21 2016, Delft). The theme of the summer school is in line with the theme of the conference. The summer school will focus specifically on approaches for dealing with uncertainty (grey and black swans) and for dealing with actors in participatory and political processes.

GRACeFUL members will be present and participate.

Adaptation Futures 2016

Adaptation Futures is the biennial conference of the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA). In 2016 the European Commission and the Government of the Netherlands co-host the fourth edition. Adaptation Futures 2016 is where scholars, practitioners, policymakers and business people from all around the world go to connect, learn and inspire. It highlights adaptation practices and solutions for people, governments and businesses.




Presentations by Sadie McEvoy and Michiel Blind:

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